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On childhood:


“..childhood is only the moment when the bird flying into the lighted hall has still some dew of the night from which he came upon his feathers. It is the same bird that flutters through the torch-light and the smoke who wings out into the open air. He flies out into the same quiet night from which he came and we cannot know how sweet its silence and its fragrance and the cool skies above may seem to his timid heart.”


JH Dowd



Thank you for expressing an interest in the facilities we offer. Our Prospectus may answer some of the questions you might have, however, please feel free to contact the school at any stage should you have further inquiries. The Principal will arrange for an official interview at your convenience.


As an educational facility involved in caring for young children, we recognise that childrearing is in essence a parental responsibility. Nonetheless, we endeavour to assist parents with this challenging task; our goal is to work alongside you in seeing your child effectively launched into adulthood and finding his/her God-given purpose in life. At all times we make an effort to provide a thoroughly Christian environment with teachers who are both suitably qualified and committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. We venture to teach our children from a Biblical perspective, thereby giving them a sound worldview.


We further believe, as consistently taught in Scripture, that the natural principle of sowing and reaping should form a framework from which to approach the character of children and the development thereof. In investing wisdom and truth into children and allowing them to cultivate these aspects, we are preparing them to carry hope into the future that will enable them to sow responsibly into the lives of others.


May God give you wisdom in selecting a suitable school for your child.




Heavenly Babies & Tots is an independent, co-educational Nursery and Pre-school situated in Garsfontein, Pretoria. At Heavenly Babies & Tots, our children are encouraged to make the most of their talents and abilities. We follow Christian principles and uphold wholesome family values. Heavenly Babies Crèche was established in May 1996 and is registered at the Department of Welfare Development and the Gauteng Education Department. Ilse Botha founded the school, having a great passion for children. We started with five little ones and rapidly grew to such an extent that the Pre-school, Heavenly Tots, was started in January 1999. Ever since, we have been growing and are experiencing a tremendous blessing on our school. We care for children from 3 months up to 6 years.


Heavenly Babies & Tots have great plans for the future. We are continuously upgrading our facilities in order to stay ahead in our market - our aim is to have an impact on everybody's lives that are involved in our school, whether it is a child, a parent or a staff member.




Following basic Scriptural guidelines, Heavenly Babies & Tots seek to prepare children, in co-operation with their parents, to fulfil their purpose and potential in spiritual, intellectual, physical and social aspects of their lives for this life and eternity. We trust that the results of our approach will be a contribution to the disciplining of the nation, by showing our commitment to the local community and being sensitive to its needs.




In obedience to the Holy Spirit:


  • We provide Christian education and training for the whole child (intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially) to prepare young boys and girls for a productive life.


  • We enlarge on, and offer an integrated Biblical view of learning and life with emphasis on personal responsibility, purpose, wisdom and social skills in relationships.


  • We are committed to excellence and innovation; consequently, we will be a model to influence the city, country and continent.




At Heavenly Babies & Tots we celebrate the growth of all involved at the School to their full potential in Christ through the following passions:


  • Passion for God


This passion finds its expression in the following ways:


o  Formal Bible instruction

o  Integration of Biblical values and love for the Lord in everyday life


  • Passion for integrity


This passion finds its expression in the following ways:


o Discipline begins with a sound relationship between teachers, child and parents - children are encouraged to pursue the expansion of their internal value systems.


o Discipline is based on the acknowledgement of Scriptural principles. Its purpose is to assist in the Biblical alignment of the child's internal value system rather than focusing on negative behavior. Discipline will always take place in co-operation with the parents.




  • Passion for people and service


This passion finds its expression in the following ways:


o Children must learn to appreciate each other's uniqueness and differences and must take responsibility to help and serve one another - people can change history by serving others; hospitality is also cultivated as an important value in the school.


o Children will engage in different activities, which will serve our community and expose them to the love of Jesus Christ.


o Each child will be awarded a specific task in class, further reinforcing the principle of service and its consequence.


  • Passion for growth


This passion finds its expression in the following ways:


o Growth means to realise the Lord's dream on the physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual levels of every individual's life - every person can be a life-long learner.


o The curriculum focuses on skills and knowledge, as well as on the integration of Scriptural principles in our everyday lives through the various learning areas.


o The outlay of the class enhances group work and is conducive to independent working.




We are a dual-medium school. All classes are conducted in English and Afrikaans; children are addressed in their home language whenever possible.




Parents may bring their child(ren) to the Nursery/Pre-School from 06h45 to 17h30. If school hours are exceeded, a penalty is payable and will be added to your account at the end of the month - no exceptions will be made.




Your child is only cared for from Monday to Friday; tending does not take place on any Public Holidays. Once a year we close on a Monday or Friday should the Public Holiday fall on a Tuesday or Thursday. We also close for a few days over the Easter Weekend deepening on how the Public Holidays fall over that time.





Heavenly Babies & Tots closes every year during the Easter Holiday Time, a few days during Winter School Holiday Time and December Holidays, which will be determined on a yearly basis which date it will be. Normally from approximately the 2nd Friday during December until early January. Dates of annual closure and re-opening are communicated well in advance.


  • School fees are charged monthly and are payable in advance.

  • A debit order for school fees is to be signed on registration. This is compulsory to all parents.

  • In the event that a debit order is returned as unpaid for whatever reason, the parent will be contacted for alternative payment arrangements within 3 (three) days. The parent further commits to reimbursement of bank charges resulting from returned payment.

  • No reduction of fees will be given for illness, holiday or part of a month.

  • The school reserves the right of admission and may refuse any child whose school fees are not paid by the seventh (7th) of each month.

  • Additional recovery costs of R10.00 per day in respect of late payments / non-payments is payable if the payment of the fees for the caring of your child reaches us later than the 7th of the month - this will be added to the following month's account.

  • A deposit of one month’s fee is payable upon signing of the contract – understandably there will be no refund of deposit in case of cancellation of a reserved place.

  • Ten (10) percent discount will be given for two or more children.

  • The application form must be completed; signed and relevant payments must be confirmed before any child will be enrolled.

  • A registration fee is payable upon enrollment and then thereafter annually in January upon re-opening of Heavenly Babies & Tots.

  • Should a parent default on payment and Heavenly Babies CC needs to do a hand over of the account for debt collecting, a 25 % debt collection fee will be added to the amount handed over for debt collecting.





  • No rebates will be given during a child's absence due to illness, when he/she is on holiday, or when the school closes during the December holidays.

  • Should a child be taken out of the school for a period due to medical reasons, the parents will still be liable for the full fee.


  • The parents undertake to be liable for the total fee, even if the child has been absent from the school for whatever reason.


  • The parents undertake to pay the full fee during the closing period in December.









Heavenly Babies & Tots school fees will be increased annually according to owner's discretion on the 1st May. Information pertaining to current rates are available from the office.




  • Having received one calendar month’s (1 – 31st of month) written notice, Heavenly Babies will refund the initial deposit as it was paid by the parents when the child commenced. If deposit was paid once off, the deposit will be refunded within 14 working days after notice month. If the deposit was paid off over a few months, the deposit will be refunded over a period of 3 months.

  • Payment for the last month of attendance must still be made in full, deposit will not be kept as payment for the last month.

  • 1 October for 31 October is the last notice accepted for the year.

  • We do not accept notice for the months of November and December.

  • Parents are thereafter responsible for school fee payment up until end of December. No exception will be made on this arrangement.

  • We do not allow parents to take their children out during winter months. Parents will still be responsible for the full fee during those months.




  • Caring for your child at home is essential should your child have a contagious disease; management of contagious diseases is a statutory requirement.

  • Please notify the school personally if your child is ill and specify the condition.

  • If your child suffers from any allergies, a doctor's letter is required, detailing the condition and suggested management thereof.

  • Medicine accompanying a child to school must be clearly marked with the child’s name as well as the dosage to be administered.

  • Any medication to be given must be documented in the medicine book in the classroom and placed in the medicine cupboard or facility refrigerator.

  • Parents are required not to leave any medicine anywhere other than in the facility provided, as it is vital that it should remain out of reach of all children at all times.

  • It remains the responsibility of the parents to remove the medicine from the medicine box or facility refrigerator at the time of going home.

  • Parents are required to commit to our policy regarding reasonable medical care in cases of emergency when parents are not reachable, as contained in the contractual document.




  1. MEALS


The following meals and snacks are served during school hours:


  • A cooked breakfast at 08h00 consisting of cooked oats, Malta Bella or maize meal - as the regular program commences directly after breakfast, children arriving after 08h15 will not be served breakfast.

  • Mid-morning snacks at 10h00, which include fruit juice, fruit and sandwiches.

  • Lunch at 12h00 – daily menu will be available at the school.

  • Mid-afternoon snacks at 15h00, which include fruit juice and sandwiches.

  • Should your child or baby require feeding consisting of cow’s milk, we will provide this as part of the menu.

  • Our entire menu is also provided in puree form for babies that are capable of consuming solid meals.




The nursery and pre-school must be informed of any of the following matters:


  • Any circumstances at home or school that could affect your child’s behavior.

  • If your child will be absent from school for whatever reason.

  • Any changes in personal particulars including address, telephone numbers or attending physician.

  • If your child visits a therapist, psychologist or any other professional, the school requires a copy of the report.


Children are not allowed to bring any toys or sweets to school as it creates social conflict among them - in cases where children arrive at school with the above, parents will be required to take this away from them.




  • The school has the highest standard of security measures.

  • The entrance gates are operated with bio-metric fingerprint scanners that activate an electromagnetic locking device.

  • Security cameras monitor the entraces 24-hours per day.

  • All visitors are required to report to the office at 273 Brian Ellwood Street, Garsfontein.

  • If a person unknown to us is picking up the child, it must be noted in the file and/or the office or teacher of the child must be informed in advance.

  • The school will refuse to release any child to individuals that cannot be identified, unless parents advise us in person.

  • Please ensure that the gates are closed at all times and do not allow children that are unaccompanied by parents to leave the premises through the gate.

  • Please carry your baby or hold your child's hand when you enter the parking area or upon exiting your vehicle - it is very dangerous to let children roam unattended.



  • The driveways and parking facilities are used at your own risk; Heavenly Babies and Tots will not accept any responsibility for any injury or damages that may occur to person or property in this area




We will do our utmost to ensure the safest and most secure environment for you child. However, neither the school nor its owners or personnel accept any liability for the following:


  • Any injury your child may suffer on the way to, or from school, or at the school during school hours.

  • Any actions by your child after school hours, while still on the school property.

  • Any loss of personal property, regardless of whether it was marked or not.

  • Any child that is transported to- and fetched from, extra mural activities e.g. swimming, concert practice, educational outings during school hours - regardless of whoever is transporting the child.

  • It is imperative that all children be placed in the care and under direct supervision of a staff member upon arrival at the school.

  • Be advised that only persons listed on your application form may collect your children - no exceptions are made in this regard.




  • Jumping castles, water slides or any other children’s recreational station must be pre-arranged as entertainment for a birthday party.


  • Arrangements for your child's birthday party must please be discussed with the teacher before the party. Moderation is the key ingredient of a successful children’s party - excess creates wastage, can cause conflict and at times, nausea as well.


  • Should you wish to supply party packs for the children, the following is suggested:


o A small packet of chips o Fruit Juice


o  A sweet (no lollipops)

o  A cup-cake or birthday cake


  • We recommend that you avoid refreshments with excessive colorants and preservatives, as this affects the activity levels of some children - please provide appropriately for children with allergies or specific dietary requirements.

  • Suggested entertainment during your child's party:

  • Clowns (information can be obtained from the office) o Face Painting


o  Puppet Shows




  1. CHECKLIST OF WHAT TO BRING Babies (3 months to 24 months)

    • 8 Disposable Nappies per day (minimum) or a pack of nappies


  • 2 Toweling Nappies

  • 2 Sets of clean clothing

  • 3 Bibs

  • 2 Vests

  • Dummy and teething ring

  • Dummy Chain

  • Enough bottles for the day, prepared with water and clearly marked

  • Holder with milk formula, measured according to baby’s needs, clearly marked

  • Receiving blanket, clearly marked

  • Hairbrush, clearly marked

  • Hat, clearly marked

  • Sun-block, clearly marked

  • Baby’s own nappy rash cream

  • Nestum Porridge and Purity for babies that cannot consume solid foods yet

  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes

  • Wet Wipes for baby’s bum

  • Disposable gloves

  • Sticky Fingers for hands and face

  • List of Baby’s routine to be followed

  • A Big Ball

  • Apron for painting (Only from 16 months)

  • Hoolah Hoop (Only from 16 months)

  • Black Ride on Bike (Only from 16 months)



Toddlers (24 months – 6 years)


  • One properly marked suitcase

  • Disposable nappies (if still required)

  • Nappy Rash cream (if still required)

  • Extra 2 sets of clothing in case of an accident

  • A hat, clearly marked

  • Wet Wipes, clearly marked

  • Disposable gloves, clearly marked

  • Sun-block, clearly marked

  • Plastic bottle for juice / water

  • Replacement underwear, in case of accidents

  • An extra blanket during the winter

  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes

  • A Big Ball

  • A Black Ride on Scooter Bike







  • External and independent service providers offer extra mural activities at the school.

  • These external operators provide these activities with no formal association to our facility.

  • Please keep the payments separate.

  • The school takes no responsibility for payments exchanged on our premises in view of these services.

  • These activities include:

  • Be Sharp Beetles Music (Included in our school fee) o Baby Massage (Included in our school fee)


o Monkeynastics o Ballet


o Computer Skills Development o Playball


o  Rugga Kids


  • Educational (e.g. visits by the Zoo-mobile, puppet shows etc.) will be arranged from time to time and parents will be informed of costs in advance.



The personnel are here to serve the needs of the parents and little ones. We aspire to run a happy school – a place where children will love to be and where learning takes place in a dignified environment. We endeavour to accurately represent the Lord Jesus Christ to all our little ones as a gracious, loving, caring and disciplined God. The signature of our Father is written all over His creation and at Heavenly Babies & Tots we are all learning to read it together!

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