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We do a stimulation program compiled by an Occupational Therapist with babies from the age of 2 months on which you receive a monthly/quarterly report with regards to their development. Our groups are very small and we believe in individual attention.
Heavenly Babies and Tots is an independent dual-medium Nursery and Pre-school registered at the Department of Welfare Development and the Gauteng Education Department. We are situated in Garsfontein near the Faerie Glen Hospital, just off Atterbury Road and care for children aged 3 months to 6 years during weekdays from 06h45 – 17h30. We provide a cooked breakfast and lunch at 08h00 and 11h00 with snacks at 10h00 and 15h00. We normally close over the Easter Weekend, depending on the public holidays during that time, a few days during winter school holidays and then during December we close more or less for 10 working days and re-open early January.
We have been in existence for 17 years and pride ourselves to be one of the best Nursery Schools in the East of Pretoria. Our facilities echo the nostalgia of an era when childhood was carefree and undemanding – a time when children were allowed to discover and grow through play. We are aware that child-rearing is in essence parental responsibility, 
but living in a period when over-stimulation, over-monitoring and present-day  neurosis are the rule, we intend to support parents in their task by promoting  personal rapport between teacher, child and parents.
We raise our children to practice the development of an inner value system in collaboration with our parents by redirecting behavior through positive response, rather than focusing on negative aspects of conduct. We offer safe surroundings with qualified teachers who value and adhere to the preservation of wholesome family ethics.
We rate shared contact between tutor and child as a priority – we believe in refining the interpersonal skills of our youngsters so that we may yield a healthy self-esteem as reward.
At Heavenly Babies & Tots we incorporate a Biblical view of wisdom with the application of sound principles of knowledge to encourage the blossoming of all our little ones into unbiased children with a passion for God, honesty, people, service and growth. 
In an imaginative way, we venture to prepare our children to realize their potential in the spiritual, academic, material and public spheres of their lives by providing a method of schooling that integrates all aspects of development in a welcoming atmosphere.
All the staff at Heavenly Babies & Tots are either qualified or highly skilled and have years of dedicated experience. They truly have a passion for what they do.
Harvest the future – invest in a cheerful school where old-fashioned principles incorporate new-fashioned philosophies.

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